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Gadget |  31 Jan 2009 11:54 |  By RnMTeam

Artsound launches new audio distribution system

Artsound has introduced its ART5.4 and ART8.8 models. In the Benelux, Artsound is the market leader in multi-room multi-source systems. With its inwall and onwall loudspeakers, it is one of the leading developers and brands within Europe.

Both systems are based on the ZIGBEE radio frequency technology, enabling the user to do everything the advanced multi-room multi-source systems can, however using bi-directional wireless communication.

These systems have two built-in FM tuners, the ability to play Internet radio, USB, SD card reader, the possibility of up to three simultaneous audio streams, etc. There are four or eight zones, depending on the type of device. However, thanks to expansion modules, music can be sent to additional zones. The user can see what is playing in his or her zone on the intelligent remote control. Whether the sound is an MP3 file, RDS information or a CD track. The first test lab results were unanimous: User-friendly, affordable (3500 Euros), extremely versatile and sophisticated design.

The ART2.1 will now also see the light of day. An extremely democratic package that will be able to hold its own, even in today's crisis environment. The ART2.1 can support 2 sources (one of which is a built-in FM tuner) which are controlled using the RF hand-held transmitter. The extremely compact class D amplifier may be easily hidden in a false ceiling, for example, next to inwall loudspeakers. An expansion model can be fitted immediately in any room in your home. Prices start under 200 Euros.

Both products complete the range of audio distribution systems, and make it possible for everyone to acquire a high-performance, integrated system for professional or residential applications. On display at stand number 1F110, ISE Amsterdam.