| 30 Nov 2022
RAM Week 36: Fever FM continues to top in Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: In RAM Week 36, popular Radio Station Fever FM has maintained top spot in both Mumbai and Delhi to become the most heard FM station in these metros respectively. While its share per cent and T.S.L. in Mumbai was 17.3 and 6.15, in Delhi the station recorded 18.7 share per cent and 5.08 T.S.L.

When it comes to other metros like Kolkata and Bengaluru, Fever 104 FM had to settle at second and fourth positions respectively. Fever FM saw a share per cent and T.S.L. of 17.9 and 6.35 in Kolkata, while the ratings in Bengaluru were 13.3 share per cent and 6.56 T.S.L. respectively.

Radio City topped in Bengaluru, stood second in Delhi, was third in Mumbai, but didn’t reach the top ten in Kolkata. The station recorded a 25.3 share per cent and 9.17 T.S.L in Bengaluru, 12.7 share per cent and 4.14 T.S.L in Delhi and 13.1 share per cent and 4.46 T.S.L in Mumbai respectively.

Radio Mirchi topped in Kolkatta with share per cent of 19.3 and T.S.L. of 4.49, while it had to settle at second position in Mumbai with 13.5 share per cent and 4.11 T.S.L. The station bagged a third and fourth place in Bengaluru and Delhi respectively. While its share per cent and T.S.L. in Bengaluru was 17.1 and 6.5, the station recorded 11.4 share per cent and 3.15 T.S.L. in Delhi respectively.

Other stations like Big FM, Radio Nasha etc. also recorded decent rating in RAM Week 36.