| 23 Jan 2021
Get ready to groove to BRO - BIG RADIO ONLINE's fun and quirky song that celebrates friendship!

MUMBAI: The fun, inspiring and thought-provoking web radio platform by BIG FM, BRO – BIG Radio Online, continues to connect with the young adults of the country and keep the momentum going as it launches the song ‘Ek Dost Hota Hai Woh BRO Hota Hai’. The song which is high on energy, boasts of a tempo that perfectly sets the mood and showcases what BROhood is all about. Just like the platform BRO, the song too strikes the right chord with its dynamic audience in a fun and engaging manner.

Dedicated to every BRO out there, the one-of-its-kind song filled with joy and enthusiasm features RJ Jyonita, RJ Gurri, RJ Pihu, RJ Shiv, RJ Arundhati & RJ Rafat in the video, who can be seen enjoying the tunes as they describe the different friends in their life. The song’s music, lyrics and vocals are by Mohit Dogra and Daniel Chiramal is the Music Producer. It was shot by the RJs themselves at their homes owing to the current social distancing norms. With its peppy tune and relatable lyrics, the song represents real BROs in everyone’s lives emphasising how there is a friend for every emotion and situation.
Here's the link to the song –

Sunil Kumaran, Country Head - Product, Marketing & THWINK BIG, BIG FM said, “BRO is a platform which is tailor made for the young adults offering them diverse content that they can easily connect to and enjoy. Taking the messaging of BRO further, we launched this song, which celebrates the special bond between friends in the most fun manner. BRO is that friend with whom you can share everything and be your most comfortable self. Using the power of music, the song perfectly encapsulates and communicates what BRO stands for. We are sure it will appeal to our target audience and they will enjoy it immensely.”

Catering to the modern, affable and open-minded young adults of today, BRO presents a bouquet of shows spanning contemporary genres such as Teri Meri Stories, BIG Star Exchange, Big Local Connect amongst others. Available on, it aims to create an engaging and immersive experience for young guns whilst forging a direct emotional connect. Through its content, BRO aims to touch every aspect of the life that is important to the youth of India. Curated mainly for the Hindi-speaking markets, the platform presents fresh, relatable and thought-provoking content, which aims to inspire the youth to bring a positive change in the society.