| 25 Jun 2019
70th Republic Day: For first time in history, Radio City - a private FM Channel connects with Army, Air-Force and Navy to honour brave soldiers

MUMBAI: On the occasion of IndiaÆs 70th Republic Day, Radio City, IndiaÆs leading radio network, announced the launch of its latest campaign, æJAL THAL VAYUÆ to honour the legacy and bravery of the Indian armed forces. Through this two-week long campaign, Radio CityÆs RJ Ginnie, RJ Divya, RJ Yuvi, RJ Aadi and RJ Manav will highlight emotional and inspiring stories of IndiaÆs brave sons across all three pillars of the armed forces - Navy, Army and Air-force. Through this campaign, Radio City aims to drive awareness towards the countless sacrifices made by our jawans living in treacherous conditions to protect the borders of our nation. 

In a one-of-its kind initiative, æRJs Hongay Indian Forces Ke Saath #JalThalVayu Se LIVEÆ, on 25th and 26th January 2019, engaging security troops posted at remote locations away from their families and loved ones. Radio City will play patriotic songs and broadcast messages and wishes from the listeners for our jawans as a special Republic Day tribute. RJ Ginnie, on her morning show, æSuno Na DilliÆ, will be live from the Navy base, while RJ Divya and RJ Yuvi will cover the Army base and the evening show will be aired from the Air-force base by RJ Aadi and RJ Manav.

The campaign will be replicated across Radio City stations in Punjab, Haryana, Bihar and Jharkhand.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Radio City Chief Creative Officer Mr. Kartik Kalla said, ôRadio CityÆs #JalThalVayu is a tribute to all our soldiers, and our way of showcasing an undivided support for the armed forces. Over the years, radio has been instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the society. At Radio City, we constantly believe in innovating content which is best suited for the citizens and the essence of the city. In tandem with the patriotic spirit, we have specially created a stationality jingle for the campaign that will be played on air. I would like to wish everyone a very happy Republic Day. Rag Rag Mein Daude Patriotism, Rag Rag Mein Daude Radio City.

Expressing her thoughts on leading this campaign, Voice of Suno Na Dilli, Radio CityÆs RJ, Ginnie said, ôAs citizens of India, we owe a lot to the Army, Navy and the Air-force. As a small gesture of our respect, we decided to celebrate Republic day by paying a tribute to all the three forces. Through Radio CityÆs æJal Thal VayuÆ initiative, we are excited to hear and broadcast the stories of valor, sacrifice and patriotism of our soldiers as well as to know their other side - how do these three forces function, what is their routine life like, how do they balance their personal and professional lives, what kind of music do they listen to, etc. We are also very humbled to convey their dedications for their loved ones and bring them closer to home. For the first time in the history of radio, the RJs will be present at all three bases on Republic Day and it gives us immense pleasure to be a part of æ#JalThalVayuÆ. This Republic Day will truly be special, in the Radio City way.ö

Leading Bollywood celebrities like Arshad Warsi, Manoj Bajpayee, John Abraham, Nikhil Chinapa, Rapper Raftaar, Badshah, and eminent personalities from the Indian army, Navy and Air force have lent their voices to convey goodwill messages to the armed forces and their families on this special day. Radio City Listeners can catch all the action live on 25th and 26th January 2019 and can also send their messages.

True to Radio CityÆs philosophy of Rag Rag Mein Daude City, the Jal Thal Vayu campaign will celebrate IndiaÆs 70th Republic Day by holding our brave soldiers in the highest regard as they deserve and entrench the emotion of Rag Rag Mein Daude Watan.