| 29 Oct 2020
Sports Flashes - A radio channel with difference gets nominated for Radio Connex 2018

MUMBAI: The most certain way to stand out in the crowd is to be unique and innovative. Raman Raheja, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sports Flashes did exactly the same. In an array of the music channels, Raman identified potential in having an exclusive Internet Sports Radio Channel and launched in January 2016. Radio Connex 2018 has acknowledged the efforts taken by the channel and thus is nominated for the upcoming awards.

Raman shares, “In the West, there is a lot of consumption of sports news on Radio. In India however, it is not the same. Also, our nation is obsessed with cricket or as they say it is a religion. But, now interest in different sports is emerging too. Since January 2018, the consistent weekly impressions we have got is 4 Million.” Certainly, a feat for a new concept.

Raman continues about the merging scene, “Besides Cricket, we are also receiving an amazing response for the content on English Premier League. Football is definitely loved the new generation more.”

The persistent question would be if there will be music included in Sports Flashes, and Rama replies, “We are in talks with bands and artists to perform for Sports Flashes. However, the music will be limited to songs related to sports and no mainstream music. So, bands and artists performing for sports teams or team theme are what we would be interested in.”

About being nominated in Radio Connex 2018, Raman is excited, as he says, “It is an interesting opportunity to be in competition with mainstream radio channels. We are taking a pie from the Bollywood. Also, this is a platform for us to interact with some veterans in this field and understand their way of functioning too. Overall, it’s a great feeling that the industry recognises.”