| 29 Nov 2022
RJ Devangana returns to Tadka FM, Jaipur

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Patrika's FM Tadka will have its favourite RJ back on air from 20 March. Well, you guessed it right; RJ Devangana the heart of Rajasthan radio industry will be heard on FM Tadka again.

After exploring places across India for almost a year the RJ is back with lots of energy, excitement and stories. Her India tour tales are something that the RJ is looking forward to sharing with the listeners.

So, what is it that got Devangana back to Tadka? “All that is pulling me back is the ‘mic’. I did some digital stuff during my break time, but radio is something that I never wanted to leave. The only reason I took a break was to step out of the monotony,” stated the RJ in a heart-to-heart conversation with

She further added, “My fans from Jaipur had been waiting for me. They kept sending me messages on my social media accounts. They expected me to come back thus; here I am with Tadka again.”

Earlier Tadka had a segment show named ‘JK’ (Jaipur Knowledge) where questions related to Jaipur were asked. RJ Devangana will be running a similar show that will air as a ‘syndicated show’. Thus, the show will air in cities like Agra, Udaipur, Kota, Solapur and more.

The show will air from Monday to Saturday at a primetime slot.