| 13 Apr 2021
Fever's 'Mission Shiksha' reaches over two lakh people in two days

MUMBAI: HT Media's radio venture Fever FM has been executing a campaign 'Mission Shiksha' to help the underprivileged children, for the past six years.

The current phase of the movement which has begun on 15 August and will go until 5 September 2016, has the radio station asking listeners to be a part of the drive by donating notebooks for children who belong to the disadvantaged classes.

Unlike last year, this year the campaign has gone digital, and the radio jockeys of Fever have been promoting it in innovative ways.

Within two days, the campaign reached more than two lakh people through Facebook, the station claims.

Fever FM Mumbai programming director Aftab Alam Ali says, "We are connected with three NGOs. Through 'Mission Shiksha', which has had a successful outcome, we have helped underprivileged kids with the notebooks. The online acitivity has begun and listeners are sending books. Even people from Quwait and New York are helping sharing the word."

RJs of the radio station are sharing their childhood pictures on Facebook and for each like their picture receives, they will donate 10 notebooks. Also, they are requesting people to copy and paste the same and support the cause.

RJ Anuraag Pandey

RJ Glenn

RJ Alleyah

RJ Urmin

RJ Rangeeli Ruchi

RJ Sidhu

"Digitally, the images have been sent out and we will contact people to send the books based on likes by the first week of September so we could deliver them to the NGOs by 5 September," adds Aftab.