| 05 Dec 2022
Nationwide talent hunt show launched on All India Radio

NEW DELHI: All India Radio (AIR) is launching ‘Ad Swar’, which is a nationwide talent hunt show for tribal music.

This show, to be broadcast on the national channel of the pubcaster, provides a free platform for tribal population anywhere in India to upload an audio clipping or send an audio CD of a singing performance without any restrictions imposed on their age, sex or economic status.

Contestants can record their voices and send in entries either by mail or registered post by 20 July.

After receiving the entries, the same will be judged by a committee. Those who qualify in the preliminary round will be invited for the semi-final. The Grand finale will be held in Delhi and a panel of judges comprising of eminent music personalities will select the winners.

The broadcast date would be set after the completion of the entire talent search.

The show is an open platform for the vast reservoir of untapped talent of tribal population across the country.

The term “Adivasi” is used for tribal populace which constitutes the original inhabitants of the country. India’s tribal population has contributed immensely to the cultural heritage of the country.

The Government in recent years has strived to integrate the tribal people into the mainstream of society. In pursuance of this ideal, the Government has framed many policies and laws to promote tribal culture.

The talent show is one of such initiatives which will be a unique platform for showcase of musical talent for tribal population.