| 25 Feb 2020
25 Feb 2020

Hello FM- fastest growing FM station in Tamil Nadu

MUMBAI: Hello FM, a private radio station located in Tamil Nadu is now the No. 1 FM station in the state. The station which started in the year 2006 has now garnered 61.84 lakh listeners.

21 Feb 2020

The Podcast revolution at The Radio Festival

MUMBAI: The Radio Festival, organized and initiated by Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART) in collaboration with UNESCO had

21 Feb 2020

Spotify introduces a new feature

MUMBAI: Spotify allows you to read lyrics and s

14 Jan 2009

The toppers of the Bollywood music biz in 2008

From an astounding 75 'A' grader bollywood releases in 2008, barely a clutchful made the mark, music wise. Not surprisingly, films composed by Rahman, SEL and Pritam - those with catchy tunes made brisk business. The messiah of the masses, Himesh Reshammiya, hit a chord with Karzzz too, relying mostly on the popularity of the original tracks and some ingenuity on his own part. Those who experimented (Sneha Khanwalkar with Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye) were not blessed with quick album sales and
downloads, however.

10 Jan 2009

Noel Keymer's favourite jocks

RJ turned voice trainer and author Noel Keymer picks three of his favourite radio jockeys from the year gone by.

Jeeturaaj: Radio Mirchi

If there's one reason that listeners tune into Radio Mirchi every morning at 7 am to 11 am, it's definitely because of Jeeturaaj.

07 Jan 2009

FM Round Up: North - The race to stand out among clutter

North India witnessed a spurt in radio stations in 2008 - not only in the NCR, but throughout the northern states.

The radio market showed signs of maturity with many advertisers willing to pump in their money in radio as a medium.

Says Radio Chaska (Gwalior) executive director Tarun Goyal, The year 2008 was good in terms of programming and advertising but the setback of the year were royalty issues and government not agreeing to the independent news....

07 Jan 2009

2008: The Year of the Radio Buyer - Sunil Kumar

For the radio industry in India, if the year 2008 belonged to anyone, it was to the buyer (of radio). Having got a considerable size of audience, the radio groups and individual stations did everything possible to persuade the buyer to buy airtime and other activities on their respective stations. Buyers, on their part, did everything within their reach and understanding to seek more and more about the medium.

06 Jan 2009

'Needed: an alternative music scene' by Niladri Kumar

It's a big thing today if an artiste manages to get 5000 listeners

As a kid, I had heard from my father about the late 50's - 70's era when people thronged theatres in large numbers. There were no auditoriums then, concerts would be conducted in theatres because those were the only venues.

05 Jan 2009

Brand integration: way to go! - Balasubramaniam

Brand integration is the imbedding or weaving of a client's brand with the radio station's brand into content that shares common brand values, personality, or message.

02 Jan 2009

Changing perceptions, building awareness - Anuj Singh

The year began with a wave of optimism about radio's performance and expected growth. A FICCI - PWC report talked about a growth rate of 40 per cent and an expected industry size of Rs 672 crore by the end of the year. Radio CEOs expressed their optimism on opening up of content, relaxation in government policy, growth of radio's share in the ad pie, etc. There was talk of the need to �evangelize' the medium, change perceptions, work towards effective differentiation, etc.

02 Jan 2009

FM round up: South - A year of opportunities

2008 turned out to be a year of opportunities for FM operators south of the Vindhyas, as many players launched their stations during the year. 2009, say most, will be a year of consolidation.

An interesting aspect of the Bangalore market that the initial RAM listenership survey had mapped as a high morning listenership and high out of home listenership TG, was the conversion to Kannada. With the exception of a Radio Indigo, which stuck to its premise of international music, several players preferred to target masses by going the Kannada way.

31 Dec 2008

A rollercoaster ride! - Gaurav Vaz

Looking back at things that have happened with the band over the past few months, I am just amazed! It's been one crazy rollercoaster ride that we have been on and all along I keep thinking, "This is the stuff dreams are made of! and it's happening .. for real!"

There was a lull for some time in the beginning of this year with the band doing a few shows here and there, until we got wind of the 'Roots Music Festival Tour' that was going to change our lives. We never really thought that it actually would.

30 Dec 2008

Live music - juggling the highs and lows

With physical sales of the record industry registering a constant decline of almost 44 per cent each year from 2000 through 2007, the live music business gave new hope to organisers, artistes and listeners alike. With sponsors offering 360 degree deals to the artiste, this seemed to be the best option as the record music industry went through the slump. In 2008, the period till September was good, but in the following months, many concerts got postponed or cancelled. The 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai added to the trouble already created by global recession.