| 13 Jul 2020
True School of Music gets Shankar Mahadevan Academy onboard for ProHindustani course

MUMBAI: After associating its curriculum with international music institutions, the True School of Music will now associate itself with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy for a new program called the ProHindustani Playback Vocals. The course will aim to provide amateur musicians with comprehensive training to help turn them into professional musicians.

The 11-month ProHindustani Playback Vocals course, commencing from mid-April 2015, is expected to have an amalgamation of various aspects of music which are essential for training in the field of playback singing. Along with teaching the fundamentals of Hindustani classical and semi classical vocal training, the course will also focus heavily on performance.

Speaking on this, True School of Music, Founder, Ashutosh Phatak said, “The world of playback singing has seen a major change in the past decade. Besides the legendary big names that have years of experience behind them, the industry today is constantly looking for new and different voices that have depth and versatility. Through our highly experienced faculty, we will provide the aspirant a strong base while helping them carve their own vocal identities.”

Added Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Founder, Shankar Mahadevan, “A good voice is required to become a good singer. Yet, it takes many, many years to hone it, reign it and build many additional skills of presence, confidence and such to become a genuine performer both, on stage as well as in a recording studio.  Classical music training helps a great deal in this journey. It helps one to understand when and how to improvise. We would like to prepare every student by giving him/her the tools of what they need to take the next steps to get on a bigger stage.”

International music institutions that TSM has associated itself with since its inception include British & Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), Manhattan School of Music and a couple Dutch schools in Netherlands like Utrecht School of the Arts and Conservatorium van Amsterdam.