| 29 Sep 2020
Thermal and a Quarter's Taaqademy to add new Indian music courses

MUMBAI: It has been almost ten months since the members of indie rock band- Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ) launched the second branch of their music school, Taaqademy in Whitefield in Bangalore. Since then, there has been tremendous response by the students and faculty alike, said, Taaqademy co-founder and TAAQ guitarist Bruce Lee Mani.

Taaqademy has two branches in Bangalore. The first was launched in 2010 in Koramangala, and the second one was opened last September in Whitefield. Mani revealed that the music academy is the only official representative for British rock and pop music accredited exams centre- Rockschool, in south India. In addition to the Rockschool curriculum, Taaqademy has its own singularly created original curriculum. “Everyone learns at his/her own rate, and through our curriculum, we encourage individuals who are keen to learn music, irrespective of the age,” he stated.

Currently, the academy offers training in guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals and music production. In addition to these electives, Mani added that the academy is in talks with music professionals to coach vocal training in Hindustani classical and Carnatic classical music. “We are trying to get renowned Hindustani classical vocalists as well as Carnatic vocalists who can come to the schools and teach,” said Mani.

“When we were growing up, very few music schools like these existed, and we hope to encourage people who want to learn music, to come and learn at Taaqademy,” said Mani. He further added that the music talent nowadays is growing younger by the minute. “We recently produced an album of a student who is only 12 years old, but already has a metal band. Kids that age are very keen to write and experiment with music,” added Mani.

When asked if there are plans to come up with additional branches of Taaqademy, Mani said, “Right now, the plan is to only develop the Koramangala and Whitefield centres as much as we can. It is just about getting the word out and letting people know that Taaqademy is here and is here to stay, so come and try it.”

Thermal and a Quarter released a concept album called ‘The Scene’ earlier this year. The record focused on the experiences of playing at independent music circuits across India. ‘The Scene’ is only available on digital platforms, and original plans for a vinyl release have been shelved, Mani stated. He also added that the band’s second concept album of 2015 will release next month, and that it has a “global appeal.”

Thermal and a Quarter is scheduled to perform at blueFROG Bangalore on Friday, 26 June after an opening act by punk act Mad Orange Fireworks.