| 16 Jan 2021
Mastiii breaks all records, garners highest impressions ever in the music genre

MUMBAI: Mastiii is a testament to India’s rising music legacy as it establishes a new record in the genre. Surpassing the highest impression standard, set initially by none other than themselves, Mastiii has acquired 142mn impressions the highest ever in the category of Music and Youth. The channel is ahead by52.14%from number two channel 9XM and 68.58% from the number three channel Sony Mix.

SABGROUP CEO Manav Dhanda said, “Our belief in rigorous research, pushing boundaries and constant innovation has enabled us to create new milestones. Creating value for our key stakeholders from consumers to advertisers is a vision underway as indicated in Mastiii’s latest record of 142mn impressions, which is phenomenal considering music is the only genre where the content is 100% duplicable. Mastiii’s untameable reach is a stamp of the deep understanding the team has of consumers taste and preferences, which has also led to the increased loyalty of our viewers. The channel’s TSV is as high as 34.68 mins leaving competitors far behind in the race with 9XM (24.54 mins) and Sony Mix (23.5 mins), showcasing the high stickiness of our content.”

The music genre has vastly evolved in the past decade, with Mastiii harnessing the lead amongst competitors like B4U Music, Channel V, MTV Beats and 9XM. Interestingly enough Mastiii’s current reach (122.5mns) has outdone even top GEC’s like STAR Plus (118mns), Colors (117mns) and Sony Pal (122mns).