| 22 Oct 2020
Apple Music among the most popular apps of 2015: Nielsen

MUMBAI: As 2015 is almost over, Nielsen looked at some of the top trends in digital, including the top US smartphone apps and operating systems.

According to Nielsen, the Apple Music app saw a 26 percent increase in users since 2014, which was before the launch of Apple’s built-in music streaming service. Apple Music app with 54 million users in 2015 became the most popular Apple app of 2015.

This reference to the app is not necessarily only the music subscription service because Apple Music app is available on both iOS and Android. The app can still be used to simply listen to purchased downloads from iTunes without activating the $10/month streaming service.

By comparison, the Apple Music subscription service has about 15 million users, according to Tim Cook, with 6.5 million of those already paying for the service as revealed by him earlier this year.

According to Nielsen, even though Apple’s iPhone looks to be the most popular smartphone in the market, a majority of U.S. smartphone owners use an Android device to access these apps. Apps like YouTube and Google Search are popular on both platforms, while Apple has very limited options in terms of Android apps, just Apple Music, a Beats Pill app, and a Move to iOS app.