| 19 Jul 2019
Music, like laughter, is the best medicine for any sickness, says Guitarmonk

NEW DELHI: With doctors, internationally, declaring that music is one of the best therapeutic treatments, renowned doctors of the city were honoured in a very special and musical way on DoctorÆs Day by the Guitarmonk JustDialMusic team.

JustDialMusic is IndiaÆs pioneer and professional Live Music Greeting service for the last half decade that is into the gifting service. The USP of this gift service provider is the idea of providing musical gifts with their Greeting musicians. This was the sixth year that the event had been organised by Guitarmonk with JustDialMusic.

The unique concept of offering a tribute to the services of doctors aims to contribute to humanity in a small and special manner. As Guitarmonk founder and renowned guitarist Kapil Srivastava put it, ôDuring the times when many countries are facing disturbed internal conflicts, the one resolution and strategy that we should look and invest into is to be a balanced and happy citizen of the future. He is the one who can wisely opt to not see war as resolution, but find a peaceful yet effective option instead.ö

The team of Guitarmonk and JustDialMusic made the DoctorÆs day celebration not just pleasurable but memorable by gifting a Music Therapeutic Album named æKayotsargÆ (produced by Guitarmonk Records).

The event has already been appreciated by persons like former Delhi Health Minister Kiran Walia, the CEO of Batra Hospital, AIIMS, Apollo, MAX etc.

The event was supported by Dr. Lal Path Labs, BlackberryÆs, Club Mahindra, Surat Diamond Jewelry etc.