| 02 Jun 2020
AEG Live in talks with promoters to develop arena in India

SINGAPORE: If you think that a life-size music venue in India is only a dream, it could very well turn into a reality not long from now. AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group) Live is apparently in talks with Indian promoters and developers, to create a venue for live gigs in the country.

The company has expanded to Asia by creating huge arenas in China at Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian. As it strengthens its grip in the continent, India will also be part of its expansion, considering the country’s huge population and the thriving live scene in the country.

During the Live Matters Session at All that Matters 2015, AEG Live chairman and COO Jay Marciano revealed to, “We have sent a number of people over to India and they have taken a number of trips. We have not figured it out yet but we are always looking around. We will get there, but we do not have a plan yet.”

He further added, “During my stay in London, I meet five different developers who wanted to build an arena. But the land is so expensive that they cannot figure it out, how to get the deal done. But at some point, it will happen.”

When asked to comment on which city the company is looking at in India, he said that they will look at any place that has opportunity available.

Marciano also stated that the company has tried its best, but nothing concrete has happened yet. He added, “We hope we get to do something there. India is a huge market which lacks facilities.”

He also said that if there were arenas, the country would then have big talents touring. At the moment, there are no plans to bring artistes to India as most venues have been created for sporting activities. During the recent session at Live Matters, Marciano also emphasised the flexibility arenas provide for creative artistes and talents during their live performances.

An AEG Live arena in India would also mean that artistes signed under the company will tour the country as well.