| 26 Jun 2019
BMG strengthens its recording business with third label S-Curve Records

MUMBAI: Music company BMG has acquired Steve GreenbergÆs S-Curve Records and its recording and publishing assets. This will allow BMG to further expand its presence in the record business. Along with the acquisition of the third label, the company will bring on board pop executive Steve Greenberg and his general manager Milo Pacheco to develop the companyÆs mainstream pop offering.

BMG has acquired Los Angeles-based Vagrant Records, and OregonÆs Rise Records in the United States, and with the S-Curve Records acquisition, BMG will add artists like Andy Grammer, Joss Stone, We the Kings, How I become the Bomb, Diane Birch, David Broza and Jenni Alpert to its roster. Greenberg said, ôWe are excited to begin the next chapter of the S-Curve Records story working within BMG. As a small indie who have had significant success in pop music, we are looking forward to joining forces with BMG, a company that combines an indie sensibility with the resources to amplify our success.ö

Last month BMG released Janet JacksonÆs æUnbreakableÆ, which reached number one on the Billboard 200 album chart. The company also received positive responses to Iron MaidenÆs æThe Book Of SoulsÆ and ScarfaceÆs æDeeply RootedÆ.

BMG US president creative and marketing Laurent Hubert said, ôBMG is approaching the record business with the same ambition and sense of purpose we have brought to the music publishing business. Artists are not happy with the status quo, and many of them find BMGÆs core values of fairness, transparency and service very attractive indeed. The success of Janet Jackson demonstrates there is now no level or genre of artist which is beyond our reach.ö

S-Curve Records, which was founded in 2000, created a sensation with its first major release æWho Let the Dogs OutÆ by Baha Men. The album went on to sell four million albums worldwide, win a Grammy Award, and become a pop culture phenomenon. Greenberg followed up that success with Joss StoneÆs first two albums, æThe Soul SessionsÆ and æMind, Body & SoulÆ, and the Grammy-nominated æStacyÆs MomÆ by Fountains of Wayne. Hubert added, ôSteve Greenberg is an exceptional record executive who will further build our capabilities in the recordings business. In S-Curve he has built a label which represents the best in popular music.ö

He re-launched S-Curve in 2007 as a full-service recording and music publishing company, after his service as president of Columbia Records.