| 01 Oct 2020
Our effort was to bring faith closer to people: Hiren Gada on Islamic devotional app 'Ibaadat'

MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, has been catering to people from different faith and beliefs with their unique services across mediums like mobile, DTH and digital for the past 10 years. Recently, they went on to expand their reach by launching an Islamic devotional app ‘Ibaadat’. The app was launched on the auspicious day of Ramadan in association with Chsihty Foundation. ‘Ibaadat’ promises to be a one-stop shop for all the devotional and religious needs, providing a digital alternative to connect people with their faith.

Commenting on the launch of the Ibaadat app, Shemaroo Entertainment Limited CEO Hiren Gada said, “We believe in creating services that benefit the digital audience and are proud to be a leading player in the devotional category for many years.  Ibaadat, as an app, caters to the believers of Islam and gives access to an authentic devotional experience. With our strong library of devotional and spiritual content, we would empower the app’s experience overall and hope that this technology helps our users get an almost real-life experience. Also, it’s an honour for us to associate with the Chishty Foundation for the most unique feature of the app, which is the live feed from Ajmer Sharif.”

Ibaadat provides an Islamic devotional music section, “Most of the songs were already there and some we have licensed,” added Gada. The app also serves as a platform for people to purchase devotional products and services that are highly utilized by the believers of Islam. It will also provide an updated Islamic calendar for people who are always on the move.

The app aims to remove geographical barriers and give a divine and sacred experience directly to the followers of Islam, right on their fingertips. Gada explains the whole idea of coming up with Ibaadat, “We wanted to bring technology on fingertips and our effort was to bring faith closer to people right in their hands.  For that, we looked at the possible options. We have so much of content so how do we create streaming of that in an organized way with different sections and with different aspects. We thought upon that. Next how we could the app benefit people in terms of its live experience.”

The app hosts a mix of diverse content and services which includes online Ziyarat from Ajmer Sharif. Further services include online donations, chaddar and flower contributions at some of the most revered mosques across the country.  “We have also created a mannat service, where one can record their mannat and it will be played out. You will also get a confirmation that it’s got played. Through technology we have created that backend,” added Gada.

The just in Ibaadat app will be on a promotional wind wheel, “Our marketing strategies will roll out now. We will be creating an awareness across followers of the Islamic faith that now they have an access to it with a 24x7 mobile app. That awareness will be spread through our multiple channels and services.”

Lastly, elaborating on the learnings Gada says, “The biggest learning is the consumer. Finally, the consumer is the centre of everything that we do. We have our services and we do get a lot of feedback.  We try to learn from the consumer and their needs. While it’s an honest effort to serve the devotional needs of people who follow their faith.”