| 18 Oct 2021
DMC competition will grow from here in India: Luke Kenny

A few decades back, creating a top number for the DJ’s was quite a task, since they had to undergo the process of scratching and mixing. However with today’s technology creating hits for the disco jockeys has become a cake walk.

Most of the DJ’s are moving towards DVS (Digital Vinyl System) and with this DMC has decided to come to India and take a DJ to UK to contest the DMC World DJ Championships which will take place on 5 October. DJ Roane Ace won the competition which was judged by Luke Kenny, DJ A- Myth and Sumit Shenoy.

In order to understand about DMC and its association with India, spoke to one of the judges Luke Kenny who is multi-talented and also 9XO programming head.


What was your core motive behind partnering with DMC?

I am aware of DMC championship from the time it has existed. DJing evolved during the era of 80’s when pop music was a massive. However, in early 90’s they got to hear that DMC championship is happening in Mumbai. Many of my DJ friends were a part of that competition. Now after a drought of 13 years, its back in India and the best of the DJ’s will represent the country on an international platform. The timing is also correct as today its very easy becoming DJ with the help of technology. Music is played through various devices and not many master the art of mixing the same. The software actually makes your life easy. This competition allows the real DJ to stand up and be counted. Knowing the art of mixing, I know what it takes to be a Disco Jockey. Also my channel, 9XO has been supporting the same.

Since DMC is happening after a gap of 13 years, how excited are you?

It is happening for the first time in the 21st century. I am very excited but unfortunately, we never had much time to publicize about the competition as it happened too early. I think we are off to a good start and it is a big step in the right direction. DMC will grow from here.

How strong is DJ-ing in India?

Dj-ing has come a long way. Initially, things were different. Primarily this change is because of technology that has made it easy for anyone to become a DJ. The software ensures that no mess up happens with the sound. DJ has to be representative of the word DJ that is Disc Jockey who must be aware of the right type of music when he or she plays it. Jockey comes from the word horse jockey that is the horse-rider. This rider knows when to speed up and slow down the horse. Same is the case with DJ's as well. But today technology is making their job easy. Today, people have to go back and know their sounds.

How advanced is the technology for Dj-ing in India?

We match any top international standards as many global festivals happen in India today. We have got good turntables, sound equipment, mixers, and controllers and most of the clubs in India are well-equipped. As far as technology is concerned we are definitely not lagging behind in any ways.

Why has DJing becoming more popular in India today?

Particularly with regards to DMC competition, it is a way of separating the boys from the men. Not many people who claim to be DJ’s can work with the turntable and scratching. A lot of the DJing is technology driven and a lot of them are unable to work in a traditional way. We (9XO) are fortunate to have partnered with DMC and are aware that the budget is low. Yet we went ahead with the partnership without expecting much.

Moving away from DMC, what is happening in 9XO?

The growth has been fluctuating but is quiet positive. By the end of the year, competition will become healthier.

What is next for Luke Kenny (in relation to films)?

Right now, ‘Rise of Zombies’ is available on DVD, online and in different stores. Now, we have planned a sequel and will start working on it next year. Meanwhile, we have a couple of story ideas with a different theme and are in talks with the other producers. The ‘Rise of the Zombies’ will have sequels, as we have planned the trilogy.