| 23 Sep 2018
music services | 22 Sep 2018

A3C Conference in Atlanta dedicates a day of programming to Women in Charge of the hip-hop music industry

MUMBAI: Women have always been forces to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community.

radio | 22 Sep 2018

Equipments that are an essential part of a Radio...

MUMBAI: With radio seeing good days in India, Radio Jockeys and their shows are quite popular.

resources | 21 Sep 2018

RAM Week 35: Fever FM sustains top position in Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: In the Week 35 of RAM, Fever FM sustained its top spot in both Mumbai and Delhi.

apps | 21 Sep 2018

Jazz Goa to launch first western music app outside India

MUMBAI: Jazz Goa is gearing for the launch of the first western music app outside India.

private fm stations | 28 Aug 2018

Big FM North-East' 'College Ke Cool Kalakar' promotes radio drama

MUMBAI: Amid the hustle bustle of the mainstream radio stations, present in India, BIG FM North-East has come up with a unique show, which is making noise for the right reasons.

publishing | 28 Aug 2018

This year 'Music Boutique' would release 25 non-film songs: Shamir Tandon

MUMBAI: Music Director Shamir Tandon’s company, Music Boutique is all pepped up with its upcoming projects. With many of their ongoing projects like One Plus Playback, they have a lot in store.

private fm stations | 28 Aug 2018

Bengalureans along with Radio City come out in full support to help people in Kerala

MUMBAI: Radio City Bengaluru extended their full support to reach out and relieve the flood affected people in Kerala and Coorg.

community radio | 28 Aug 2018

Community Radio Stations final included in POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan

MUMBAI: ‘We need to be ashamed as a nation when 38 per cent of children in India are still undernourished and suffer from mal nutrition. How can we take advantage of the demography if a large number of children are stunted due to malnutrition.

resources | 27 Aug 2018

Top 10 ad categories in radio that maintained positions in July

MUMBAI: We are back with the data of Top 10 brands, categories and advertisers that made their way into 93 radio stations in 18 cities. The analysis is divided as 1 to 15 July in first half of the month and 16 to 30 in the second.

labels | 27 Aug 2018

Challenges faced by Regional Music Labels

MUMBAI: Regional music, contributes immensely to the culture and music industry of India. However, the regional music industry in itself has gone through multiple ups and downs over the years. The downfall of the physical music market i.e. cassettes and Compact Discs and time to align to the...

platforms | 27 Aug 2018

Qyuki creator Aabha Hanjura presents 'Khanmoej Koor'

MUMBAI: Aabha Hanjura, an award-winning singer, live performer, composer and songwriter who seeks her inspiration from the deeply embedded Sufi influence in the Valley of Kashmir launches her latest single, Khanmoej Koor, in collaboration with Qyuki.

music services | 25 Aug 2018

Apple Music to launch new feature that will give access to friend's playlist

MUMBAI: One of the biggest music streaming apps, Apple Music that was launched over three years ago, in over 100 countries, has surpassed 50 million global subscribers and comprises of 45 mn songs.

labels | 25 Aug 2018

On the other side of the world, it’s in their DNA to procure licenses for music: Malini Hariharan, Horus Music

MUMBAI: The influx of new talent and equal influx of new platforms to showcase the talent are the main reasons for the rapidly changing dynamics of music industry.

publishing | 25 Aug 2018

Decoding Gracenote Global Music Data and its availability in India through the makers lens

MUMBAI: In spite of the phenomenal growth experienced by global as well as regional music streaming services, they fail to present an organized catalog of global music.