| 25 Sep 2018
music services | 24 Sep 2018

Sia's new song, 'Step By Step', only available on Amazon Prime Music

MUMBAI: Today, Amazon Music premieres its brand-new pop playlist, Pop Culture, featuring the best and latest pop music releases, available for the first time today on Amazon Music globally and therefore on Amazon Prime Music in India.

music services | 24 Sep 2018

Google upgrades its services and features for...

MUMBAI: In the month of August, world’s most sought-after search engine and parent of YouTube, a

music services | 22 Sep 2018

A3C Conference in Atlanta dedicates a day of programming to Women in...

MUMBAI: Women have always been forces to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community.

radio | 22 Sep 2018

Equipments that are an essential part of a Radio Station setup

MUMBAI: With radio seeing good days in India, Radio Jockeys and their shows are quite popular.

resources | 20 Sep 2010

Big FM inches forward in metros

MUMBAI: After few weeks of lukewarm performance, Big FM managed to march forward in week 36, as it gained impressive points in the metros of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai where as maintained status quo in Bangalore. Radio city also saw surge in its listenership as it gained in all three cities it...

resources | 13 Sep 2010

Radio Mirchi remains steady, mixed bag for others

MUMBAI: Week 35 did not prove to be fruitful for most radio stations. Radio One saw a dip in numbers. Except for Kolkata, the station lost in rest of the three metros. The week was a mixed bag for Fever FM where it lost in the city of Bangalore and Kolkata where as added few points in Mumbai and...

resources | 06 Sep 2010

Fever gains in B'lore, Delhi and Kolkata

MUMBAI: Week 34 was a mixed bag for radio players in all the regions as it surged ahead in few cities where as lost out in others. Fever climbed ahead in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata though lost a few strides in Mumbai. Red FM notched several points in Bangalore and Delhi while lost few in Kolkata...

resources | 30 Aug 2010

Big FM regains top spot in Bangalore

MUMBAI: After a dramatic turn of events last week, Big FM regained its number one position in Bangalore. The station also scooped  hefty points in Delhi though lost out in Kolkata and Mumbai. After a good run for the last couple of weeks, Fever loosened grip in week 33. The station lost few points...

resources | 24 Aug 2010

Radio Mirchi tops all four metros

MUMBAI: After weeks of battling out, Radio Mirchi finally wore the numero uno crown in all the four metros in week 32 pushing its competitors way back. Due to Big FM's poor performance in Bangalore, Mirchi managed to inch forward. Week 32 proved to be not so good for Big FM which lost it top...

community radio | 23 Aug 2010

FTII's community radio eases broadcast formalities

MUMBAI: What about communicating your ideas on air but without the cumbersome formalities of an official media broadcast? If you have something to communicate that has a social relevance and artistic value, the �Community Radio' station that has been beaming from the campus of the Film and...

community radio | 21 Aug 2010

82 community radio stations operational till 31 July

NEW DELHI: A total of 82 community radio stations have become operational in India, according to data available till 31 July. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has so far issued 233 Letters of Intent and 110 organisations have been signed Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) with the...

private fm stations | 21 Aug 2010

A Mile in Indigo Shoes - Shweta Rao

Nestled amidst a street of IT goliaths and residential flats, resides a radio station with a purplish/bluish sign that dares to play ENGLISH MUSIC. Sorry to startle you like that, but it's true. Radio Indigo in Bangalore is the only radio station in the city and 1 of 3 in the country that plays 100...

resources | 17 Aug 2010

Radio City inches forward in B'lore and Delhi

MUMBAI: After a good run last week Radio Mirchi could not hold on to its share as it lost considerable points in almost all the metros  Radio One saw a mixed response as it gained in Kolkata and Mumbai but lost few strides in Bangalore and Delhi. Week 31 saw Radio City move forward as it gained...

resources | 09 Aug 2010

Mirchi, Radio One gain in metros

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi bounced back in week 30 as it saw added massive numbers to its listenership. It gained considerable strides in all the four metros. Last week's star performer Radio One also continued to climb its way up with swelling listenership base. The station scooped off large points in...